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Community Engagement @ McMaster

Scroll down to read our definition of community engagement, to learn more about the networks we’re building, and to access important resources and documents related to our work.

What is Community Engagement?

Community engagement (CE) at McMaster University is defined as valuing the expert knowledge and passion that members of the community (both local and global) have about their communities and issues affecting them; fostering ongoing collaboration between University and community partners on how to better understand and consider the issues identified as priorities by local and global communities; and performing research, teaching and service with community members and partners for the public good within the local or global community.

Office of Community Engagement

The Network for Community-Campus Partnerships was created in September 2013 to provide a shared framework for McMaster to support its goals related to community engagement. As of June 2016, the Network is supported by McMaster's Office of Community Engagement.  Click on the links below to learn more about the Office of Community Engagement, the Network for Community-Campus Partnerships, and our short- and long-term priorities:

Information Sharing: Internal and External Networks

There are several complementary networks on campus that gather to share ideas and to support broader communication and problem solving at the University.  Examples include:

Research Facilitators

The Research Facilitators Working Group includes a representative from Graduate Studies as well as an individual in each Faculty who plays the role of Research Facilitator. The role of a research facilitator varies in each Faculty, but most work to support faculty members in developing research proposals and, at times, establishing connections between researchers or with community partners. Click here to learn more about the Research Facilitators Working Group.

Experiential Education Directors

The Experiential Education Directors Working Group includes a representative from each Faculty who is responsible for coordinating student placements and other experiential opportunities for students, on campus and in the community. This group meets to share information and best practices, as well as to collaborate on shared initiatives to enhance relationships with community partners. Click here to learn more about the Experiential Education Directors Working Group

Neighbourhood Campus Network

This group evolved as an outcome of the School of Nursing Campus-Community Think Tank hosted in the summer of 2013. The group is a partnership between Neighbourhood Action Strategy neighbourhoods, the City of Hamilton, the Hamilton Community Foundation and educational institutions (McMaster University, Mohawk College and Redeemer College). The group seeks to better connect educational institutions with Hamilton neighourhoods to ensure a reciprocal exchange of knowledge and skills, and to facilitate research, placements, volunteers, information and resource sharing. Click here to learn more about the Neighbourhood Campus Network.

Community Engagement Resources

Please click here to visit the resources section of our website, which includes hands-on documents, background reports, and a variety of campus-based resources and initiatives.

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