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Register for McMaster's Community Engagement Database

McMaster University is encouraging all faculty members, staff, and students (including institutes, centres, groups, projects, and partnerships) to submit contributions for community engagement into the University's data repository. Although the data use is specific for internal use, it does allow the faculty member full control for any public use.

Why Contribute?

  • Recognition: Formally documenting community-engaged research and education activities of faculty members, staff, students, and community partners is a necessary step in a longer process of recognizing these activities.
  • Celebrating Success: We want to acknowledge the work and effort that goes into community-engaged research and education by sharing stories and celebrating successful community partnerships.
  • Community Interest: Community partners and the general public more broadly may be interested in learning about your work. We plan to make some of the information you share publicly available and searchable to encourage information-sharing and awareness of your work.
  • Capacity-Building: The Network for Community-Campus Partnerships is hoping to facilitate future workshops and events that bring together colleagues doing community-engaged research and education. The database will help us know of your specific interests so that we can invite you to workshops and dialogues that relate to your work.
  • Harmonization & Partnership Building: The database will also help us understand who is doing what and where related to community engagement which will help to avoid duplication of efforts. Knowing where common interests lie may also help to identify possible partnership opportunities for future grants and research projects.

How do I get started?

To obtain access to this system, please complete the form below. The information you provide on this page will be made publicly available as part of our searchable database. Any additional information that you enter within the University's data repository will not be made publicly available without your permission.

Once you have submitted your information it will take about one week for you to receive your username, password, and instructions for adding additional information to the database.

Please provide a 100 word description of your research interests and expertise.
Please provide up to 5 keywords that most accurately reflect your research interests and expertise
Please list the primary location(s) where your research or educational partnerships take place (e.g. Hamilton, Toronto, Nepal, Uganda)
Please use the checkboxes below to indicate your interest in exploring community partnerships